This memoir is written in first person from Joe Lafferty’s perspective, with eleven “Other Voices” interludes. Each is written in third person as a feature news article. Famous “Other Voices” include Dan Marino, Bucky Dent, Art Kehoe, and Rob Gronkowski, all of whom were interviewed by Jeff Schober, sharing stories of their encounters with Joe through their unique lens. From ages 8 to 37, Lafferty overcame cancer, diabetes, vision loss, a pulmonary embolism, organ failure, open heart surgery, seven minutes of death, and a double organ transplant. He did all this while working for three Division 1 college athletic departments, the Orange Bowl, and the Dallas Cowboys. Lafferty has lived a life any sports fan would envy.
“He texts me quotes every day about life lessons. I love reading them because they offer good advice and really help me out.”

Rob Gronkowski, Super Bowl Champion and NFL All-Star

“Joe has an amazing will to win and amazing desire to live. I still marvel at the guy.”
Bucky Dent, New York Yankee Legend, World Series MVP
“It’s hard to believe what Joey has overcome. It shows you the spirit he has.”
Dan Marino, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback
“Justin Time is a story about defying the odds, again and again. It is about overcoming obstacles and living an extraordinary life transformed by organ donation. Justin Time will leave you inspired and filled with hope, which is exactly what the world needs right now.”
Tenaya Wallace, Founder, Donate Life Hollywood
“Joe is an inspiration! He shows us all how important it is to love and cherish people. His gut wrenching story about overcoming childhood cancer, seven minutes of death, and his double organ transplant at age thirty-seven will inspire you to make the most out of every day. Read this book!”
Darrin Gray, @AllProDadLeader, Author of The Jersey Effect: Beyond the World Championship
“I know about personal loss and struggle. I know about Christian inspiration. Joe and Justin Time represent each of these.”
Darian Hagan, Football Coach, Colorado Buffaloes
“Joe’s story of lifelong medical challenges is something I know well. We both had our lives saved by organ donation and transplant. This is one of the amazing true life stories we need to share to inspire everyone to register as an organ donor.”
Michael Kutcher, Author, Advocate, Speaker
“I’ve known Joe for a couple decades as he’s gone through the kinds of trials that most people couldn’t imagine. His story— captured in this beautiful book—is an incredible treasure, a great adventure, and labor of pure love. I couldn’t put it down! Read this, and you’ll be moved by Joe’s life and encouraged in yours.”
Dr. John Stahl-Wert, International Bestselling Author of The Serving Leader and Ten Thousand Horses
“Despite my Florida roots, the people of Pittsburgh are like no other when they welcomed me into their community. Joe Lafferty was one of these folks. He reaches out daily to inspire and offer support.”
Dr. Anthony Hamlet, Superintendent, Pittsburgh Public Schools
“I met Joe Lafferty the same month I signed two Pennsylvania recruits to play for ‘the [_].’ Joe’s high school(Woodland Hills) teammate Tirrell Greene and Dwayne Johnson. (Freedom High School, Bethlehem). I loved finding great players in my home state. Tirrell started for 3 seasons at center and Dwayne has done well too. Read this book and see Joe lead like Tirrell and be as tough as a ‘Rock.’ Lafferty’s life of overcoming ain’t no joke.”
Art Kehoe, Coach, 5 Time NCAA National Champion, UM Sports Hall of Fame
“Justin Time is one life and death battle after another, and Joe keeps winning.”
Joshua Colbert, Author, Male by Birth, Man by Choice

What is real inspiration?

Inspiring isn’t the word I’d use for Joe. Because inspiration can be seen as fleeting or a short burst that catches your attention. When I assumed my first command(NAS JAX) we’d known each other for 20 years. Fifty-two members of my immediate family showed for the promotion ceremony, and Joe. We’d competed against each other in high school track and football but Joe had a vision past the field. He knew the true challenge was within ourselves to be better. It took me years to figure that out but that’s the quality that connected us. Since I assumed that command Lafferty has texted inspiring quotes, memes, stories, and jokes every morning. Not a mass text but just to me. He wanted to do his part to serve our country by sharing true altruistic wisdom. I find occasions to share these messages with my wife and kids, the people I lead and the timing of these messages for me is almost eerie. He seems to know what I need to hear. Joe Lafferty’s style of inspiration is relentless, thought provoking, deep, and rough when it points out a lack of something you want for yourself. I’m blessed to have him in my corner. He has overcome it all and keeps on inspiring.

-Captain Tony Scarpino

Contributors to Justin Time

Dan Marino

Danny and “Joey”(The Kid) go back to 1986 when the many philanthropic efforts of the NFL’s greatest passer gave so much of himself to so many. Dan’s great words in the book encapsulate the giving nature of the good people of Pittsburgh and their commitment to community.

Art Kehoe

Coach “Key” and Joe connected during a recruiting trip as the “U” wooed one of Joe’s high school friends, Tirrell Greene. Coach Kehoe signed Tirrell and another famous Cane from down the PA Turnpike that year, Dwayne Johnson. Read if this Coach thinks if Joe is tougher than a Rock?

Rob Gronkowski

Robbie was just a high school junior when he met Coach Laff. The Assistant Coach was part of the faculty who’d already turned out NFL players. This football finishing school outside Pittsburgh was 220 miles from his boyhood home but a necessary stop on the road to becoming “GRONK.”

Bucky Dent

In 2000 when Joe met this New York Yankee legend it was over a potential business project. But when that part never materialized two men became “pals.” Breakfast discussions between a baseball legend and a young man working through his late 20’s questions about the true meanings of things.

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